Practical Tips to Help You Eat Healthier

When they made ​​the decision to start eating healthier, we often have to do but do not know where to start. In order that these changes are not only passengers and actually become habits, they must be applied slowly and easy and adaptable as possible. For this I recommend starting with a weekly goal or applying tips 1-2 at a time until they become part of your new lifestyle.

healthy living

These recommendations I applied them without fail and have greatly facilitated my life!

1) Make a (better yet visit a nutritionist and they do together) menu and grocery list according to the menu, so you avoid buying things you do not really need. Planning is KEY to maintain a healthy eating style. Plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
2) If you live alone or are just two, try to make small purchases on a weekly basis, this will prevent food will go bad. If you do not have much time, visit the fair this weekend and do the grocery shopping as online (or all perform it on line).
3) Prepare food in advance: it is no secret but it really is one of the best advice I can give! Use 1 day (preferably the same day you make your purchases or the day that domestic help is at home) to leave prepared foods, explained in detail below how it can be done:

  • Salads: Keep toppers apart from vegetables ready for use (examples: washed and dried lettuce, sliced ​​mushrooms, sliced ​​cucumber, carrot and beet sticks and / or grated, shredded cabbage in lemon juice , sweet pepper into strips, etc). This makes a BIG difference when preparing salads, believe me! Do the same with fruits.
  • Spices/Flavors: natural flavors shoudl be kept ready in separate toppers (chopped onion, minced garlic-alone or in olive oil, chopped sweet pepper, washed leaves of cilantro, etc); thus the will ready for use in any preparation of the week.
  • Green or Red Smoothie: You can keep refrigerated or frozen fruits and vegetables to your green smoothies every morning. Prepare (wash and cut) and freeze celery sticks, cucumber sticks peeled, seeded, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, papaya, blackberries. With respect to the sheets may liquefy with very little water and freeze in ice cubes (you can do this with chard, spinach and kale). Both fruit and vegetables and / or diced green leaves can last up to 1 month frozen !. Or keep the green smoothie ready the night before (to ensure that when you do not spend more than 24 hours). Get a good smoothie blender that will last a long time and make your smoothies delicious and smooth. I like Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 watts for its affordable price, many functions and long warranty.
  • Green leaves: These veggies stay fresh for 5 to 7 days or place in. Place the washed and dried leaves and place another layer of paper again. Seal with lid or plastic adhesive. Keep leaves and lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, parsley and coriander (cilantro is less hard that must be put aside). For its high nutritional content, the green leaves must include at least 1 time per day.
  • Salad Dressings: A topper can keep sticks beets, carrots and / or celery to have to snack while making dinner or watch TV.
  • Cooked Vegetables: When cooking vegetables makes enough servings for the next three or four days (so you will have to cook one or maximum 2 times per week). Examples of vegetables that go with everything! Antipasto vegetables (you can use it with salads or as a sandwich filling), sauteed vegetables (scrambled with salads or as an accompaniment), soups (exc because you can make a large portion and freeze), healthy spreads (sandwich or salads ). View all recipes here.
  • Main Courses: when you can (overnight, weekend or domestic help) make great preparations, divide into individual portions and freeze. Thus you have portions to the remainder of the week (or even for months!). Healthy foods that can be frozen:

green veggies for healthy diet

  • Legumes ( beans, lentils and chickpeas – alone, in soup or stew with vegetables).
  • Quinoa and brown rice (but you add a little water when reheating to provide softness)
  • Cakes beans or quinoa
  • Colorful vegetables (spinach, pumpkin or sweet broccoli- this is an easy way to include more vegetables to your diet)
  • Natural ketchup
  • Vegetable broth
  • Pan (you can split Weekly) and tortillas
  • Healthy Pancakes for breakfast or snack
  • Healthy cakes (e.g. Plantain with ground beans)
  • Pasta in tomato sauce
  • For all those who do eat animal protein, they can keep shredded chicken / ground beef, ground beef cakes low fat chicken broth or low-fat beef.
  • Also the day you buy your meat that is fresh and is full of natural scents and freeze individually. When thawed, place them in the morning in the refrigerator and when you arrive at night, and have your steak marinated and ready to cook in the pan.

4) Make Smart Choices from Each Meal:

Breakfast: Avoid giving your body from early in the morning foods high in processed sugars and artificial additives. Avoid preparations packaged as cereals, flavored oats, pancakes package, cookies or any pastries. Instead start the day with foods high in nutrients!!

You can double or triple any of our recipes for breakfast and prepared to leave for the whole week (quinoa cereal, oatmeal with fruit, pancakes). If you have time you can keep whole wheat or corn tortillas with little egg, avocado, black beans or hummus.

Snacks: Podes include any list of healthy snacks approved by Nutri-Inn (soon pass them the list with recipes).

Lunch when eating out:

  • Make sure your dish containing a large portion of plant (hopefully at least 3 different colors of vegetables).
  • Encourage your saucer containing only one type of carbohydrate and is as healthy as possible (can be guided with the list of GI of foods, choose those maintaining a low or medium GI).
  • Request type dressings vinaigrette or olive oil (1-2 tsp) + balsamic or lemon juice, and please request it aside 2 tbsp.
  • Choose those dishes with the lowest possible content of ingredients (no additional sauces). That is the more elaborate the dish, most likely contains unhealthy ingredients.
  • Do not eat heavy, remember that the subject used by restaurants is not always of the highest quality. If you prefer fast food request healthy menu option.

Dinner: This is certainly one of the meal times that people think they cost more to eat. For many it is their main meal time, however for others this time of food almost does not exist or is used to give the body the first thing you see. When we sleep our bodies repair and prepare for a new day of work. For this reason it is very important to have a dinner with a good nutritional content! Again, if we keep the vegetables ready for consumption, we will include whether or! Any recipe of our website is easy and usually quick to make!

5) Delete all those packaged liquids. Keep cold water in your refrigerator. You can also buy water pipe.

6) Avoid buying filthy, usually if you have to reach to be consumed. Avoid the temptation and do not buy!

7) Arm yourself with a good kitchen equipment. These are kitchen utensils that help greatly in the kitchen:

  • Glass bottle to maintain healthy toppings (you can make one dressing per week or per fortnight)
  • Dressing to go (to take the portion of dressing for work)
  • Bamboo steamer (CEMAC).
  • Panini or electric grill.
  • Easy vegetable slicers (Cemaco, Siman, Tips)
  • Clips to seal up the foods that were opened.
  • Airtight storage containers seeds and grains.
  • Toppers of all sizes.
  • Food Processor (super useful for leaving the chopped odors and / or healthy spreads)
  • Blender (for soups and smoothies).
  • Crock pot: this will help to make their preparations overnight so it is ready in the morning.
  • Utensils for cooking vegetables in the microwave BPA free.
  • Water pitcher with filter.

DIY Natural Toner for Oily Skin


Astringents or toners can do wonders to improve the condition of oily skin. I t is that its function is to close the pores and regulate sebum production in the skin. Both lemon and witch hazel work very well in that sense. What if you combine them in a recipe?

Homemade witch hazel and lemon toner for oily skin

Astringent always presented as an interesting solution to stop the much drier skin without the excess sebaceous so characteristic of oily skin.

Here’s how you can try a lotion of witch hazel and lemon, two very good astringent to close pores, regulate skin lipids and thus forget about beans, pimples and blackheads. Here is the recipe.


  • Four tablespoons of witch hazel
  • Two tablespoons of orange blossom water
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice


Take a bowl and placed there the two waters, witch hazel and orange blossom. Then add the lemon juice and energy mix until mixture is well blended.

Then I just have to apply on your face, emphasizing the nose and upper cheeks, where further oiliness often focuses. Let the lotion penetrate and used several times a week.

Drink More Juice This Summer

Now, more than ever we all crave fresh juices and smoothies. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy green (or other colors) juices. They are lighter than the shakes and provide all the minerals and vitamins from vegetables as well as helping us stay rehydrated and fresh.

So, if you have a good blender at home and I want to make you a good smoothie or juice, we bring you 5 ingredients that I can give a lot of play and keep you well hydrated, which is important with this heat:


watermelon smoothie

Does not add much flavor, but what gives this seasonal fruit is a lot of water and very few calories. It is good for the kidneys and help remove accumulated liquids and toxins. It goes great with strawberries, beetroot, pineapple, etc …


cucumber in smoothies

In a good green juice, you can not miss the cucumber. One of the richest vegetables in water, has a characteristic flavor but usually go well with pineapple, celery and spinach.


celery in smoothies

One of my favorites is celery. I always use in  my juices or smoothies, for its amazing health properties (diuretic, anti-inflammatory, digestive ..), for its abundance of water and the taste that gives a special touch to all fruit.


Beetroot in smoothies

The beetroot is rich in water, natural sweetness and with many beneficial health properties. The beetroot has a detoxifying effect; it helps cleanse the blood and remove toxins. It also gives a lot of color to play with when mixed in your juices because it leaves the pink / red in the  juice!


apples in smoothies

Although not in season, apple can be consumed practically all year round and is very low in calories, provides water and fresh flavor to your green juices. It also blends well in any juice.

What are your favorite to be this summer for your green juice ingredients?